What verticals does BlueGlowAd focus on?

At the moment we are focusing on our nutra in-house offers,including Weight Loss and adult products and breast Enlargement.

What markets does BlueGlowAd focus on now ?

Right now we are focusing on  TW / SG /MY . We also offering competitive payout and high approval rate. 

Do you support local translation?

Yes. We can do LP/Prelander/Creatives local translation for you if you need.

Do I need to make my own landing and pre landing pages?

Nope. We have developed the LP and prelanders, and we can send you both files and links. Of course if you want to use your own-developed LP/prelanders, it works. We also can do creatives/LP/prelanders translation for you.

What’s the payment term and method?

We do weekly payment and support Bankwire, PayPal, Capitalist and USDT

What's the call center working time?

The CC working time is from 9:00AM to 20:00PM local time.

Blue Glow Ad is a direct Nutra advertiser in Asia. All products and call center are our own. Contact us now !
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